Campseeker™ provides a full-featured management system for campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts.

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Campseeker™ is emerging as the top source for all camping, RV, and resort families to search, review, and book their vacation experience.

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Our platform is the virtual assistant you wish you had, so you can spend more time enhancing the experience of your guests.

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As Campers and RVers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to locate and book stays. That is why we created Now the camper can search for a property, picking location and amenities that are important to them. They see a list of available properties, including yours. They can read reviews, look at your information page and book their stay. For the camper it is fast and easy.

For you it is a whole new way to serve your customers and save time...

As a partner you receive a complete property reservation system including:

  • Online and Local Bookings
  • Full Customization of Property Profiles
  • Supports Multiple Properties
  • Interactive Real Time Reporting
  • Inclusion on Campseeker™ Search Engine
  • Cost Effective Reservation System
  • Complete Built-In Payment Processing
  • Fast, Easy Credit Card Settlement
  • Easy to Use for You and Your Staff
  • New Advertising Opportunities

Our goal is to offer the camping consumer (we call them campseekers) the best options and greatest facilities for their camping enjoyment. On you have the opportunity to fully customize your property information.

You can set different rates for different times of year. You can add and block sites as you need for your business. Add  pictures and videos of your location, along with local activities.

You can differentiate amenities and services available by site/pad. Your property Profile can include many things such as:

  • Campground location
  • Property amenities
  • Property pictures and maps
  • Lot details & booking availability
  • Local attractions...

And any other information you want to let people know about your location.

Our Platform, Your Message

On you get to tell the story of your properties: all the great amenities, all the fun activities, and all the opportunities in your area.

That’s what is important to us.

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… And at a Great Value

We get asked all the time, "How expensive is for our property?"

Here's the best news, it is only $150 per year* to manage your property, lots, reservations, and camper reviews... all on

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* Using Campseeker's built-in reservation system is included in the annual property management fee.
Bookings made through Campseeker incur a 6% booking fee, which includes all credit card transaction fees.