About us

Campseeker.com was created to be a single source for camping and RV families to search review and book their camping experience.

Our story

When we launched Campseeker.com our biggest goal was to offer the camping consumer (we call them campseekers) the best options and greatest facilities for their camping enjoyment.

As Campers and RVers we understand how difficult it can be to locate and book stays when on the road. That is why we created Campseeker.com. Now you can search for a location, picking location and amenities that are important to your family. You will see a list of available properties, read reviews and book your stay.

With Campseeker you have the camping/RV world available anytime you have a PC, tablet or smartphone. Being able to search review and book your next stay, anytime, anywhere, The way camping was meant to be.

And it is all under your control, no annual fees, no long term commitments, just the best place to be when you want a great adventure.

A great new way to travel, and remember, Plan the journey, create the memories!